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    I am not the Author of this spectacular software, I have just provided an installer here plus additional data which will enable you to quickly obtain a working network, and then to explore the program features, and modify them to your own requirements...   Additional data is also available in my 'RM Handbook' and the 'Handbook Companion' tutorial text as shown below.

Ian D Brown, G3TVU.

  Radio Mobile 

by  Roger Coudé, VE2DBE.


            Radio Mobile is a Free Radio Propagation simulation program which operates over the frequency range of 20MHz to 20GHz. It is based on the ITS (Longley-Rice) propagation model.

    The program enables elevation maps to be drawn of specified areas using downloaded SRTM data from the Space Shuttle Radar Terrain Mapping Mission, elevation contours and road maps to be added, and Radio Units (stations) specified for performance and placed where required.

    Individual Radio Unit performance is specified as a Radio Operating 'System' for power, sensitivity, antenna parameters etc. and all 'Radio Links' between Units can be examined for path profile and signal parameters.

    Signal coverage patterns can be produced for each separate Radio Unit if required. The 'Best Sites' to provide radio coverage to a number of specified Radio Unit locations can also be found by using the 'Find Best Sites' feature.

    The performance of a Radio Unit which is traversing a defined Route on the map can also be generated by the 'Route Radio Coverage' feature. It is also possible to use the 'Route' waypoint data with the 'Best Sites' feature, to find the best locations to provide full Route radio coverage.

    The 'Best Unit' from a defined selection of Units which gives the maximum signal level and also a defined Signal to Interference ratio at a specific location may also be plotted. The combined Radio coverage from a selected number of Units is also available. The sum of all signals from multiple Units at each location can also be plotted if required.

    By using the 'Combined Cartesian Coverage plots' you are able to produce field strength (dBµV/m) and signal plots (µV, dBm or S unit) over the map area from any Unit, and optionally provide a cursor location signal level readout by using the 'SIG'nal file feature.


Visitor locations from 25th October 2011 - click the map for details!


Click here for details of my 'Quick Start'

Radio Mobile Installer

Updated details on reconfiguring to your own location can be downloaded HERE.

Para la versión española de la reconfiguración - Haga clic AQUI.



My Radio Mobile Illustrated Handbook...

350 pages of reference and 'How to' data in 19 chapters,

and also the Handbook Companion tutorial with networks!

Click here for more information!

   Para el Handbook Edición en Español - Haga clic aquí

 y con un 10% de descuento si usted compró una versión en idioma inglés.


Also just released: the Radio Mobile Handbook Companion

184 pages of illustrated Tutorial text.

This takes you through the Handbook chapters by using supplied

Networks with descriptions which enable you to generate

all the plots shown in the Handbook!

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  These can be requested from



Click here for my

Radio Mobile 'Quick Start' Installation

Program and Setup Guide page.

   with New Version 11.6.6

This is the latest English Language version!

But is now available in 17 languages - see the Setup Guide for information.

For UK Amateurs, see the NGR datum converter.

Click here for my  Radio Mobile Setup  Installation program

But if you are working under Linux, first download Visual Basic Runtime (SP6) from Microsoft here. This has to be installed on your machine by a double click on the file name after downloading, before any other files are installed.

For a quick description of all my Radio Mobile page Contents

in suggested reading order please click here:

  RM Contents

and for an overview of the program features,

see 'An Introduction to Radio Mobile' from Radio Communication.



A Free on-line amateur version of the program has now been launched which can be accessed by any web browser, you can generate your own account and password for access and this removes the requirement to run Radio Mobile on your own computer. for information about this facility click below:

Radio Mobile Online


For Commercial users, you may find 'My WiFi coverage' site of interest:


My WiFi Coverage



    Many new features have been added to the program since 2003. These enable much faster evaluations of radio networks and scenarios to be tested before trying out on the ground. 


For a description of the new  .csv format Network Files

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 Network Files

For a description of the Installation Folder Layout used

see   Folder Layout       


and for a description of an automatic multi-plot feature see

RM Batch Files


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Practical Performance:

 April 2006:-  Site testing of locations generated by 'Find Best Sites' utilising the Waypoints used in the 'Route Radio Coverage' feature, showed an incredible consistency with the predicted performance!  This was confirmed during the two events covered by these UHF Repeater sites in April and May.


For a 'Walk through' of the installation pane sequence,

click here to visit the 'Installation' page.




The following two articles were published in Radio Communication:-

Introduction to Radio Mobile   1180kB    'A general introduction to Radio Mobile.pdf'

Copyright © RSGB 2006. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Used here with permission.


RM applied to Fox Hunts   133kB    'The Application of Radio Mobile to Fox Hunts.pdf'

Copyright © RSGB 2008. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Used here with permission.




Click here for Radio Mobile 'Screenshots'

from my 'Base' Network.


Click here for the 'Walk Best Sites' screenshots page.

Improved Communications for an 18 mile Charity Walk.



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RM Contents

  RM Batch Files                

Network Files Folder Layout

Network Style Visual Coverage Installation


Quick Start Base Network Settings Once you get Going Radio Link Radio Coverage

Route Radio Coverage Split Route Coverage Best Sites - Network

Best Sites - Waypoints Changing Location Merging Pictures

Antenna Alignment Object Editor How to...

Importing Pictures Export/Import Units Large Maps

Antenna Plots Antenna Viewer Land Cover

Visual Coverage Network Style Network Files

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How to...

RM on line

RM Handbooks


The above RM web pages are available in .pdf format on the individual pages

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