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From the site name you may guess that I am a Radio Amateur.

My name is Ian D Brown, a retired Electronics Engineer.

Licensed and operating from 1964 from various locations as G3TVU,

but normally contacted from my mobile call sign G3TVU/m.

I have lived in Ashbourne since 1967, located in the Derbyshire Peak District.



  • My major interest was in Mobile Communication, operating on 20 meters, but less traveling after retirement! I was able to contact over 220 Countries in 17 years of mobile operation on my journeys to and from work.


  • I am an honorary Member of Derby Raynet. (Radio Amateur Emergency Network), performing the propagation planning for our Emergency Network Exercise UHF repeater locations using Radio Mobile.


  • System Planning for new Emergency call-out locations for our Raynet UHF repeaters in the Peak District area.


  • Home operation has been more limited, but I have held an interest in antenna systems for a long time.


  • Experimentation into a wide range of techniques, usually associated with Amateur Radio.


  • Backpack HF Portable operation in the Peak District is also projected.


  • Design of some QRP rigs in hand.


  • Operate on the Cadet Force National Radio Network.




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24th January 2014