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Raynet Radio Relay site - 18th Nov 2007 - 'Definitely time to go Home!'


Best Sites for the Radio Relay were located using


Radio Mobile

A Free propagation simulation program by VE2DBE


Click here for details of my 'Quick Start'

Radio Mobile Installer

Updated details on reconfiguring to your own location can be downloaded HERE.

Para la versión española de la reconfiguración - Haga clic AQUI.


For a listing of all my Radio Mobile pages and their contents

in suggested reading order click RM Contents

My Radio Mobile Illustrated Handbook...

350 pages of reference and 'How to' data in 19 chapters.


  Para el Handbook Edición en Español - Haga clic aquí. 

 y con un 10% de descuento si usted compró una versión en idioma inglés.


Also released: the Radio Mobile Handbook Companion

184 pages of illustrated Tutorial text.

This takes you through the Handbook chapters by using supplied

Networks with descriptions which enable you to generate

all the plots shown in the Handbook!

Click here for more information!

RM Handbooks


If your CW requires improvement, or you wish to learn, try G4FON's Trainer or his Contest Trainer!


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