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Home Station:

        Icom IC-756 PRO  + Linear amp for HF.

        Antennas:    Vertical, 70 ft with 15 ft top, bottom tuned with a  1500 ft earthing system

                                            (remote tuner still under construction)

                            MA5B beam for HF now in use.

                            ZX Yagi damaged by gales, to be used portable when refurbished.

                            2 metre Collinear at 35ft.

                            70cm beam at 30ft.


         Standard C510 and amplifier for 2 metres / 70 cms.

         IC-706 for 2 metres with 80 watt amp , (and portable HF with auto ATU).

                                (Also used for Cadet Force HF Comms).

           Skanti TRP-7203 on HF.




        Yaesu FT-100 driving solid state linear to 400W PEP

        Antenna:    3 metre centre-loaded vertical on 20 metres


        FT-100 with mag mount

        Standard C510 and amplifier for 2 metres / 70 cms.

        Antenna: Dual band collinear in centre of the roof

        KG-UV920R with clip on antenna

        The above was fitted in 2.5 litre diesel Land Rover which has now been sold after 18 years use.




        Yaesu FT-817 to be operated on HF/VHF/UHF.

        PRC-320 with 5.4m mast for HF



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26th October 2015