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The 'Radio Mobile' program by  Roger Coudé, VE2DBE,   

Roger's Home page:

See my introduction, screen shots and 'Quick Start Guide' here.


My Radio Mobile Illustrated Handbook...

350 pages of reference and 'How to' data in 19 chapters.

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   Para el Handbook Edición en Español - Haga clic aquí

 y con un 10% de descuento si usted compró una versión en idioma inglés.


Also just released: the Radio Mobile Handbook Companion

184 pages of illustrated Tutorial text.

This takes you through the Handbook chapters by using supplied

Networks with descriptions which enable you to generate

all the plots shown in the Handbook!

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Morse Training and practice program by G4FON :

            Excellent program using the Koch method of training. When all characters are enabled, QRM, QRN and QSB can be superimposed on the audio signal which can be sent at a selected speed. Text files can be replayed with prosigns and also random words.

(It is also possible to save audio files as mp3 for practice - see Ray's website).

For Contest practice, see Rays Contest Trainer on his site above.



Progress on the '4069'


Derby Raynet Website :

Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society:


Derby ATV Group :

AC6V's Amateur Radio reference site :

Call sign Listings :

US Emergency and Ham resources:





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