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    Once a new Network has been defined on Network Properties, by its Map, Pictures, Radio operating Systems, Units and their locations, it can be saved as a 'Network File' for access and use later.

    The Network is saved using 'File/Save Network', 'Ctrl+S', or the taskbar icon if it is just required to save modifications.

    Any of these actions will open the 'Save Networks' pane below allowing the network file (and any other unsaved files) to be saved.



    Alternatively, by using 'File/Save Network as' or the taskbar icon it is possible to save the Network under a new name. Selecting this option produces the pane below where the Network name can be customised if required - and also shows the existing file resident in the folder.



    In recent versions of Radio Mobile, the 'Save as type' box has a drop down allowing 'Network file (CSV)' to be selected. These are Network files which can be directly opened and modified using an Excel spreadsheet.




    In this case the file extension has changed to 'Base.csv' with the folder showing any existing files present with the .csv extension. When 'Save' is pressed, the 'Save networks (CSV)' pane below opens. On this pane the required separator of ',' or ';' can be selected as required for your language and region.



    This pane can be cancelled if required stopping any files being generated, or by pressing 'OK' the five *.csv files shown above will be generated in the Network folder.


    Opening the Network folder using Windows Explorer and clicking on a file will open it in Excel to display the contents.


First, base.csv:




Second, base_NetData.csv:



Third, base_Network.csv:



Fourth, base_System.csv:



Fifth, base_Unit.csv:



    From which you will see that all the data from the network is available, and more to the point, the separate files can be modified and saved as required and the changes observed in a reloaded csv network.


    To open a new Network use 'File/Open Networks', 'Ctrl+O', or the toolbar icon and the following pane will open in which both and Base.csv files are available as required, both will generate an identical network in this case.



    You will notice in this case that the .net file is much smaller than the sum of the .csv files for my small network, however the .net file is a fixed size whereas the total .csv file sizes depend on the size and complexity of the network.



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