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    A further facility within the Route Radio Performance feature, is its ability to display the radio performance over a number of separate, unconnected, 'route segments'. This would be of considerable use if, for instance, it was required to examine coverage of a number of local access roads, or part of a motorway.

    Access to this feature is via the 'Object Editor' (Tools/Object Editor). The pane below shows the Object Editor displaying file 'L1X-base.plt' (which is located in the root of my Base Network Radio Mobile folder as in Route Radio Coverage). Additional road segments are to be added to this file as a demonstration.

(Note that the Object Editor has been updated to show Altitude in metres, plus additional control button enhancements).

For more information click:    Object Editor



    First, click on 'Start next sequence' followed by 'Start add' and a click on the start point of the new segment on the map (I have used Kilburn at the lower right of my black and white road map), which generates a new waypoint as shown below added at the end of the file:




    Followed by the other new segment waypoints being generated by extra clicks on the map. The segment is completed by a click on the 'Stop Add' button. A second new segment can then be generated from Clay Cross by repeating the action as shown:



    Two more road segments were added, and the file saved as 'L1X-Split Routes.plt' (Available in the route of my Base Network Radio Mobile folder). If this file is now opened using 'Route Radio Coverage', it will be seen that the whole set of segments can be explored as if they were a single route, the separate segments being visible and separated by the vertical blue lines:



But click here to see how to set the plot colour thresholds on the Style pane


And the road segment coverage can be saved in a new picture:



Note that Land foliage coverage losses can also be included in the plots,

to find how, visit:  Land Cover




This page is available in .pdf format here


If you require to Find the Best site for the Base Unit using Waypoints on this Route, Click here!





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