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    The program toolbar icons take this form:


| ----- 1 ------ | ------ 2 ----- | ---- 3 ----  | 4 | -- 5 --- | ------- 6 ----- | --------- 7 --------- | 8 |-- 9 -------- |


    They are arranged into nine regions, each with a specific focus. A Left click on any button activates the command.


    A Right click on the Toolbar will open the following pane where Icons for display may be selected to give a fully personalised set to meet your operational requirements.





The illustrative toolbar Icons above are shown below:

Place the mouse cursor on the icons to see their descriptions.


Region 1:

    New Network                           Save Network as..

    Open Network                          Network Properties

    Save Networks                         Unit Properties


Region 2:

    Open Map                                 Save Map as..

    Map Properties                          Previous Map

    Next Map


Region 3:

    New Picture                              Open Picture

    Save Picture as..                      Picture Properties


Region 4:



Region 5:

    Copy                                        Paste

    Paste as New Picture                 Merge Pictures  (F7)

    Draw Grid                                 Draw Rings

    Draw Objects                             Rotate/Stretch  

    Flood                                         Stratification    

    Elevation Contour                       Force Greyscale 

    Shadow                                      Distance Scale 

    Corner Coordinates                   Fit Map to Picture/Selection (F9)

    Fit Map to Units                    


Region 6:

    Elevation Grid                           World Map

    Find Peak Elevation                    Find Lowest Elevation

    Show Networks                          Show Units

     Hide Networks                          Flight

     Full Screen


Region 7:

    Radio Link      (F2)                          Polar Radio Coverage  (F3)

    Cartesian Radio Coverage (F4)       Interference Radio Coverage

    Fresnel Radio Coverage                  Find Best Sites Radio Coverage (F5)

    Route Radio Coverage (F6)             Visual Coverage  (F11)

    Visual Horizon       (F12)                  Fox Hunt

    HAAT                                              Network Manager

    Object Editor                                   Antenna Pattern Viewer

    Network Report                               Multicast Monitor

    Metric Converter                 


Region 8:

    GPS Options                               APRS Options

    Internet Options                         Data Options



    When Land cover is selected in 'Options/Elevation data/Land cover' and the Land cover data file is present on your computer, enabling 'Land cover' on the 'Toolbar Options' pane will show the Green background button below beyond Region 8 of the toolbar.

    The Green background shows the the data is available, and is being used in propagation calculations. A click on the button changes the background colour to Red, disabling the use of the data in the calculations.

    Where the data file is not available on the computer only the Red background will be displayed.


        A Green button shows data is available and in use.


        A Red button shows that the data is unavailable for use.




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