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Click here for details of my 'Quick Start'

Radio Mobile Installer

Details on reconfiguring to your own location can be downloaded HERE.

Para la versión española de la reconfiguración - Haga clic AQUI.


My Radio Mobile Illustrated Handbook...

350 pages of reference and 'How to' data in 19 chapters.

Click here for more information!

   Para el Handbook Edición en Español - Haga clic aquí

 y con un 10% de descuento si usted compró una versión en idioma inglés.


   Also just released: the Radio Mobile Handbook Companion  

184 pages of illustrated Tutorial text.

This takes you through the Handbook chapters by using supplied

Networks with descriptions which enable you to generate

all the plots shown in the Handbook!

Click here for more information!


Don't forget the Handbooks




A Free on-line amateur version of the program has now been launched which can be accessed by any web browser, you can generate your own account and password for access and this removes the requirement to run Radio Mobile on your own computer. for information about this facility click below:

Radio Mobile Online

For Commercial users, you may find 'My WiFi Coverage' site also of interest:

Toweri Coverage



    To download the site pages in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, click on the title buttons below, or 'Right click', and 'Save Target as' to your own folder.

    These downloads may not represent the most recent versions of a web page where some screenshots and functions have been added to the descriptions, however the general techniques are not changed. Each page has its construction date located at its lower right corner.



Page Files for Download as pdf:

Radio Mobile 265kB   Radio Mobile Contents 126kB
Radio Mobile 'Quick Start' 211kB   Installation 1055kB
Once you get Going 649kB   Base Network settings 3365kB
Radio Link 3699kB   Folder Layout 288kB
Radio Coverage 1998kB   Single Polar Coverage 945KB
Cartesian pane description 261kB   Cartesian-Single Unit 439kB
Cartesian-Multiple Unit 805kB   Network Style plot 677kB
Cartesian-Best Unit 1187KB   Cartesian-Detailed Area 243kB
Cartesian-Interference 347KB   Cartesian-Fresnel zone 878KB
Best Sites - Network 814kB   Best Sites - Waypoints 1300kB
Route Radio Coverage 924kB   Split Route Coverage 668kB
Land cover 1977kB   Network & Radio Link Style 1763kB
Visual Coverage & Horizon 331kB   Large maps and Pictures 726kB
Changing Location 1218kB   Merging Pictures 1691kB
Antenna Alignment 1125kB   Toolbar Icons 475kB
Object Editor 678kB   Fox Hunt 777kB
Importing Pictures 1653kB   Unit Export and Import  813kB
How to... 1765kB   Antenna Plots 1129kB
Walk Best Sites 293kB   Radio Mobile Screnshots 1463kB
Network Files 1130kB   Antenna Pattern Viewer 1298kB
RM Downloads 830kB   RM Batch Files 287kB
RM Handbooks 270kB   Radio Mobile on Line 287kB
RM Website Help files 166kB      


Files for Download

Multi Unit Icons 36kB  

Unzip and place in the RM Icon folder for additional icons which allow multiple units to be identified at a single location.

G8HUL UK NGR Converter 193kB   Installer for WGS-84 to UK OSGB-36 datum converter
G8HUL UK NGR Converter 18kB   Converts RM cursor WGS-84 data to UK OSGB-36
G8HUL Irish NGR Converter 18kB   Converts RM cursor WGS-84 data to Irish Grid
G8HUL Lat-Long Converter 26kB   Stand alone Converter, WGS-84 to/from UK NGR
UK Alternate World map 69kB   Unzip and place in RM root as alternate World Map
RM Program Help Files 166kB   Program Help files as .pdf - 22Jan07

RM Antenna pattern file generators

3D-360 deg+Phased Verticals 187kB  

An Updated V2 of the Antenna file generating spreadsheet - this allows full radiation patterns to be generated, including Phased Vertical antennas, at 5˚ or 10˚ steps over the full 360 degrees, and entries of 0dB gain values can now be accepted at all points.

Eznec input .ant file generator 158kB  

An antenna file generating spreadsheet which accepts Eznec data at 1˚ intervals - suitable for antennas which have gain at zero degrees Azimuth. The file shows the NBS antenna data entered. This is an updated Version 2.

Antenna Diagram 62kB   Excel 10˚antenna file spreadsheet is available here
Antenna Diagram (FCC) 69kB   As above but with the FCC Relative version here


Published Articles:


The following two articles were published in Radio Communication

Introduction to Radio Mobile     1162kB    A general introduction to Radio Mobile

Copyright © RSGB 2006. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Used here with permission.


RM applied to Fox Hunts       133kB    The Application of Radio Mobile to Fox Hunts

Copyright © RSGB 2008. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Used here with permission.




Alternate sources of documentation:


PE1MEW Program Description   Remko's site with much additional and  collected documentation.


Brian, VE6ZS, has written the following Operation Guide and program description

VE6ZS Program Description      115kb       available in .pdf format from his web site


Greg Bur Wisp Description   for more details and tutorial relating to WISP 802.11b networks.



The Installation file 'Radio Mobile Setup.exe' for my Base Network

 is available in zip format here:-

              Radio Mobile Setup    3.7MB



Milmega RF Calculator    992kB     in zip format


RF calc is a calculator with extra functions and computation capabilities useful to RF engineers.

Users of windows calculator will find RFcalc is very similar in look and operation .


Additional features:     To enable the extra features of RFcalc the function keys have been categorized using a tabbed page control.

These pages are categorized as:

  • Standard for scientific functions.
  • RF for RF specific functions.
  • Logic for logic functions.
  • Misc for miscellaneous unit conversion keys

    Common keys such as 'EXP' and 'Pi' have been moved to more convenient locations on the main numeric section. Additionally the Logic keys have been moved onto the tabbed function section and the key placements used for more useful operations such as additional common constants.


Infix calculation mode:    For Help on the new Infix calculation mode see the program Help files


Tools:-    The tools menu contains the RF tools:

Constants Brings up the Scientific constants dialog.

Calculators Brings up the Calculators screen. This contains several screens containing convenient RF/electronics calculations used in RF engineering.

Resistivities/Dielectrics These two menu items bring up the associated information screen.

Lines Selects the transmission Line analyzer screen.


Main panes


Transmission lines



Plus tables of Constants, Resistivity and Dielectrics



My other pages are available from the links below.


This page is available in .pdf format here



Please keep checking back for updates/additions.


Quick Start Base Network Settings Once you get Going Radio Link Radio Coverage

Route Radio Coverage Split Route Coverage Best Sites - Network

Best Sites - Waypoints Changing Location Merging Pictures

Antenna Alignment Object Editor How to...

Importing Pictures Export/Import Units Large Maps

Antenna Plots Antenna Viewer Land Cover

Visual Coverage Network Style Network Files

Installation Folder Layout

How to...

RM on line

RM Downloads

RM Contents

RM Batch Files

  RM Handbooks 




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