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    The folder layout generated by my Installer can be seen below, complete with all the files generated.




    The folder 'Radio Mobile' is placed in the root of the 'C' drive, and holds 15 primary folders to contain the data required (and downloaded) by Radio Mobile. Their functions are:-


Antenna  Initially this folder holds five *.ant antenna files for the default Cardio, Corner, Dipole, Ellipse and Yagi antennas. This is where your own generated antenna files are to be placed. An Omni pattern is also available from the program.
DTED  A folder provided to store downloaded DTED elevation data.
Google Map    An empty folder in which to save Google Map data if enabled.
Icon   422 Unit Icon files reside in this folder as an addition to the built in program icons. Any icons not required can be removed and additional self generated .ico files placed here for use.
Land Cover   An empty folder to hold Land Coverage data if required.
Landsat   An empty folder to save downloaded Landsat data.
Networks   This is a parent folder which holds three named Network folders:-
  Base Network   The network generated by my installer to enable all the internal data folder links to be generated, and set up a working network which is easy to modify and relocate.
  Network 2  An empty folder which can be renamed to hold your first new replacement network.
  Network 3  An empty folder which can be renamed to hold your second new replacement network.
Objects   A folder where common - not network specific - objects can be stored.
Open Street Map   Location where OpenStreetMap data is stored.
STRM   This folder initially contains the single SRTM tile as required by my Base Network. It is the location where additional SRTM3 (3-arcsecond) elevation data is stored.
STRM-1   An empty folder for SRTM1 (1-arcsecond) data where available.
Terraserver   An empty folder in which to hold Terraserver data.
Toporama    An empty folder in which to hold Toporama data.
Virtual Earth    An empty folder in which to save Virtual Earth data if enabled.
Yahoo Map    An empty folder in which to save Yahoo Map data if enabled.


  In addition to the folders, there are extra files contained in the root of the Radio Mobile folder which are common to all networks generated and required for the program operation.

    The majority of the files in the root of the Radio Mobile folder are available from Rogers' Download page Here, and are contained in the installation files at:-

Step 3:

Step 4: the selected English version language file.


    The major additions generated by my installer are:


1) RMW.ini   This file contains all the 'Start up' settings for my Base Network, and also generates all the internal folder links to make the network function immediately it is opened. The program uses the single SRTM tile stored in the SRTM folder plus the saved maps and pictures in the Base Network folder. All links to the internet downloads folders are set and will appear if enabled. By using this file there are no changes made to the registry.
2) wmap.jpg   This 'Alternate World Map' shows the British Isles, but it can be replaced by your own map picture as required, generated in Radio Mobile and given the same name. This could be a whole Country as shown by the UK, or perhaps a County if this is your usual area of operation.
3) Wmap.dat   The .dat file is the one generated by Radio Mobile when a picture is saved - this needs to be the file generated with the picture above and then saved with this name.
4) Uninstal.exe    A file generated by my installer to remove all the installed files if required and linked from the program entry in the Start Menu. The uninstaller only removes the initial installed files, if any additional data has been downloaded this and its folder will have to be removed manually.


    If it is required to manually install the program from Rogers' Downloads page, a folder structure has to be generated. I have placed all my Geodata in the Radio Mobile directory rather than a separate Geodata one to keep all the data in one location, and not be spread across the drive.

    I have also produced a 'Networks' folder which contains separate named folders for each network generated. The advantage of this is that a) all the files pertaining to a particular network are contained in a separate folder, and following on from this, b) you can use the same file name structure for each network without any problems of name conflicts.


Roger's Download page is available Here.






This page is available in .pdf format here


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